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Lucy Liu in O Magazine November 13, 2007

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Lucy Liu gets covered in black for this month’s issue of O Magazine. Plugging Cashmere Mafia, whose premiere has been postponed due to the WGA strike, Lucy dolls up in lots of little black dresses from Lanvin, Peter Som, BCBG, Prada, Chaiken, and L’Wren Scott. All that black (apparently a favorite of Lucy’s) gets a little tiresome, but she still looks beautiful! Here are some snippets from the photo captions in the spread.

  • Will Cashmere Mafia ever compare to Sex and the City? “It’s terrifying! I don’t know that we can ever live up to that.”
  • Does Lucy Liu have underlying Gothic tendencies? “The girls in my Midwestern college dorm had no black in their closets. That was all I had in mine — how could you live without black? To me it was shocking.”
  • She really loves black clothing. “I like the way black silhouettes fit you so perfectly. You can leave your face and hair clean and just let the gorgeous dress or coat stand out.”
  • Or…maybe she’s just lazy? “Her ‘uniform’ lately has been black three-quarter jeans, an interesting shirt or tee, and a wide belt with a big, handsome buckle by Jack Rabbit.”
  • Lucy’s trying to blaze her own trails in Hollywood. She “has fought hard not to be limited to ‘exotic’ roles. Although her Chinese heritage is important to her (she’s producing a movie based on the Charlie Chan films of the ’30s), so is a melting-pot philosophy. ‘Color-blind casting is more in vogue now,’ she says, ‘but it hasn’t been an easy journey.'”
  • She’s also an artist-humanitarian. “She’s sensitive to craftsmanship and design — her oils and collages will be shown in Munich next year as a benefit for Unicef, which she works for as a children’s ambassador.”



TV Guide Heroes/Hiro Cover November 7, 2007

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Check out one of the special illustrated Heroes TV Guide covers, featuring Masi Oka and James Kyson Lee. I love the saturated color and the reflection off the sword.


Dominic Orr on Fortune’s Cover November 1, 2007

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Dominic Orr landed on the cover of Fortune with a really compelling story about his struggles to stop being such an ambitious workaholic and start relating more — to people, and mostly to his family. Best of all, it’s written by Stephanie Mehta, an H&N writer!


Masi and George’s Sears Portrait October 26, 2007

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Today must be photo shoot day…I pulled this portrait of Masi Oka and George Takei from Entertainment Weekly‘s Photo Issue a couple of weeks ago. I really love the way they’re dressed alike, with a slight variation on the tie. That is such an Asian way to do family portraits, isn’t it? Here’s the little write-up about the photo:

May 30, 2007 + Los Angeles
Photograph by Justin Stephens
“George was joking the whole time about how in a traditional Japanese portrait, the mom would always be in the photo,” recalls Stephens, who created a tongue-in-check “Sears portrait” for the Heroes stars. “They made the picture work,” he says. “If they hadn’t given me great, over-the-top expressions, the whole thing would have been dead.


Confirmed: Masi, Ladies Man. October 4, 2007

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Okay, it’s a done deal. Masi says so himself in an interview with Maxim‘s October issue.. He is a ladies man. That is, he loves women. When asked what his greatest source of strength has been, he replied, “Women. They’re my weakness, too. They make me feel great and powerless at the same time. It’s agonizing that I can’t live with them or without them.”

He also says that the best moment of his life was “getting laid for the first time… It was my freshman year of college — a one-time thing. I never talked to her again, so it was kind of the best and the worst.” Nice of him to be big about it and admit that he was in college when he lost his v-card.

Oh, agony. Sweet agony.

Caption (not really): Yes, my bitches. I control your little minds with just my hands.



Mindy Kaling’s EW Cover

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Sorry, kinda late to post this stuff…Mindy landed one of the four Office covers that were part of Entertainment Weekly‘s collector’s issue this week. Is it just me, or does she look kind of grandma in this shot?



Saris Get Some Love September 25, 2007

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Aishwarya Rai, along with the two Hudsons Jennifer and Kate, was featured in InStyle‘s fashion pages as part of a sari trend watch. Ash is looking good as always.