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Masi and George’s Sears Portrait October 26, 2007

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Today must be photo shoot day…I pulled this portrait of Masi Oka and George Takei from Entertainment Weekly‘s Photo Issue a couple of weeks ago. I really love the way they’re dressed alike, with a slight variation on the tie. That is such an Asian way to do family portraits, isn’t it? Here’s the little write-up about the photo:

May 30, 2007 + Los Angeles
Photograph by Justin Stephens
“George was joking the whole time about how in a traditional Japanese portrait, the mom would always be in the photo,” recalls Stephens, who created a tongue-in-check “Sears portrait” for the Heroes stars. “They made the picture work,” he says. “If they hadn’t given me great, over-the-top expressions, the whole thing would have been dead.


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