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Hiro and Ando Make a Milo Sammich November 14, 2007

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NBC President Jeff Zucker and NBC Universal Sports & Olympics Dick Ebersol were honored by the Paley Center for Media on Monday, and many of the Heroes cast members, including Masi Oka and James Kyson Lee, came out to support them. Lots of photos of them on the red carpet and messing around at the event.




Masi Gets His Freak On November 7, 2007

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With Kristen Bell!!! What are those lumps in his jeans? Not his thingy, obviously, but damn, bulges! Also, is that a belly? Does Masi Oka have a belly? What’s up with that?


Dan in Real Life’s Bella October 30, 2007

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I went to the movies last night and saw Dan in Real Life, the new Steve Carell rom-com about an advice columnist who goes to an extended family gathering and falls in love. Steve Carell is a white dude, his family’s white. Makes sense. But then, this little Asian child pops up out of nowhere, and she’s someone in that family’s daughter, “Bella Wilson.” Whaaa?

I looked the little actress up. Her name is Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman, and there isn’t much else about her on the internet, unfortunately (the only place I conduct my research). All I know is, she does a really cute chihuahua impression. Check out one other photo of her from the movie, plus a shot of Masi Oka at the premiere~…

hn-dan-bella-1.jpg hn-dan-masi.jpg


Masi and George’s Sears Portrait October 26, 2007

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Today must be photo shoot day…I pulled this portrait of Masi Oka and George Takei from Entertainment Weekly‘s Photo Issue a couple of weeks ago. I really love the way they’re dressed alike, with a slight variation on the tie. That is such an Asian way to do family portraits, isn’t it? Here’s the little write-up about the photo:

May 30, 2007 + Los Angeles
Photograph by Justin Stephens
“George was joking the whole time about how in a traditional Japanese portrait, the mom would always be in the photo,” recalls Stephens, who created a tongue-in-check “Sears portrait” for the Heroes stars. “They made the picture work,” he says. “If they hadn’t given me great, over-the-top expressions, the whole thing would have been dead.


Heroes Crazy Talk October 9, 2007

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There’s some kind of serious subliminal messaging happening here. Masi staring at Hayden who’s looking in Milo’s direction, who’s looking away, but whose hand is on his shoulder pointing toward Hayden. And then there’s the menacing Zachary Quinto in the background, looking upset at Masi — over Hayden, or over Masi?



Just because we love him October 8, 2007

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Here are some Hiro pictures to whet your appetite for tonight’s new episode and tomorrow’s recap by the Televocateur! Hiro is really pulling the old man look. You can’t vibe like that and get any honeys. Though I guess he doesn’t have a problem doing that in real life, now, does he.



Confirmed: Masi, Ladies Man. October 4, 2007

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Okay, it’s a done deal. Masi says so himself in an interview with Maxim‘s October issue.. He is a ladies man. That is, he loves women. When asked what his greatest source of strength has been, he replied, “Women. They’re my weakness, too. They make me feel great and powerless at the same time. It’s agonizing that I can’t live with them or without them.”

He also says that the best moment of his life was “getting laid for the first time… It was my freshman year of college — a one-time thing. I never talked to her again, so it was kind of the best and the worst.” Nice of him to be big about it and admit that he was in college when he lost his v-card.

Oh, agony. Sweet agony.

Caption (not really): Yes, my bitches. I control your little minds with just my hands.