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Utada Hikaru Duet with Ne-Yo November 13, 2007

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Japanese pop star Utada Hikaru recently recorded duet with American R&B singer Ne-Yo on a song called “Do You,” which was a song he did alone on his latest album. He’s getting together with various international female acts, and Utada was one of them. Catch a clip of the song streaming here.


Nicole Scherzinger at the Studio

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Nicole Scherzinger, solo artist and lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, was photographed on Sunday on her way to the recording studio. She’s most likely still working on songs for her debut album, Her Name Is Nicole, which has been postponed multiple times, the latest to January 2008. Do you guys like the idea of Nicole as a solo performer, or do you think she’s better off sticking with the Pussycat Dolls? I’m thinking the latter.



Beyonce in Asia November 8, 2007

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Beyonce has arrived in Seoul for her first concert in Korea. She’s been doing lots of different H&N countries as part of her world tour, and has been getting treated like royalty at each stop. Check out the photos of her in Manila and Shanghai. Princess Beyonce apparently has quite a following in Asia. Who knew?



Rain on Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack November 2, 2007

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So this silly animated Panda movie, Kung Fu Panda, is going to get a theme song by Korean pop idol Rain, who’s now in the U.S. recording for it. I have mixed feelings about Rain and producer JYP’s plans to take over the U.S. market, but lots of people around the world seem to find him sexy, so we’ll see. I hope his English has improved since his duet with Omarion! Oh, and check out one of Rain’s music videos.



Singer-Songwriter Marie Digby November 1, 2007

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Something about Marié Digby throws me off. It might be because she came into the popular culture stream via a YouTube clip of herself singing a cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” It might be because of the é at the end of Mari. It might be because of her voice. Or it might be because she looks like a doll. I’m not sure. More to the point — I’m just bitter. Anyway, she’s H&N (I swear, her mom’s Japanese), so why not?


Marie Digby : Umbrella (mp3) 


Amerie’s Photo Shoot October 26, 2007

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Amerie had a photoshoot recently, and here are some of the pictures that came out of it. She’s looking sort of low on the energy. I’d like to hear more music from her, but I’m not sure if that’s happening anytime soon.



Amerie on Britney Spears October 16, 2007

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Sorry to say it’s a slow day over here at H&N (Heroes recap coming tomorrow). Amerie, who’s still somewhat of a big deal in the UK, told the Daily Star that she has an opinion about Britney Spears’ latest musical endeavors.

“I like her new single Gimme More, but I think something with really high bursts of energy — something like my song Gotta Work — would have been cool for her.

“She needs to move more.”

The athletic wonder babe, who played The Big Gig in Manchester last weekend, attempted to work with Britney, 25, in the past but the timing wasn’t right.

She said: “She wasn’t in the right place and the song went on my album.

“If she wants to do something I would totally be there. If we did I’m sure it would be great and a lot of fun.”

Maybe Amerie doesn’t know that Britney’s album is slated to come out at the end of the month, that her single’s doing really well, and that lots of people have already said exactly what Amerie said…a while ago! Sigh. Take a look at the two videos for Amerie’s “Gotta Work” and Britney Spears’ “Gimme More.”