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Macleans Cover Boy David Suzuki October 31, 2007

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Canadian environmental activist David Suzuki landed on the cover of this week’s Macleans, in a story about his affiliations with giant corporations like Wal-Mart. It’s pretty serious stuff, but definitely worth checking out, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.


Dirty Sexy Money’s Mei-Ling

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I’ve been told that there are several H&N characters floating around ABC’s new monied family drama, Dirty Sexy Money. The most prominent of these players is Michelle Krusiec, a Taiwanese-American actress who you might have seen in the indie movie Saving Face. In the show, Michelle plays Mei-Ling Hwa Darling, the wife of one of the Darling sons, who also happens to be a minister, who also happens to be lying to her about his illegitimate child. !!

Is anyone watching this show? I’ve heard it’s entertaining, in that guilty pleasure kind of way.

(Thanks Thailanol and Mary!)


Heroes Chapter 5: The Line

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By The Televocateur

Am I seeing things, or is this cheerleader being chased by a flying dude in a mask?

All this and more after the jump.



Welcome, Mekhi Jr!

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Mekhi Phifer and his fiancee Oni Souratha just had their baby! A boy, Mekhi Thira Phifer. Yay, and congratulations!


Belly Dancing Cheryl Burke October 30, 2007

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People has the most awesomest gallery on “celebrities” and their childhood Halloween costumes. How adorable!! Of course, they had some H&N in that mix, and included Cheryl Burke of Dancing With the Stars. She once dressed up as a belly dancer.

“I was a belly dancer that year for Halloween, it must have been the year that Aladdin was popular!” says the Dancing with the Stars fixture, pictured at age 6. “My favorite part of the whole costume was the snake bracelet curling up my arm, I felt so adult and glamorous.”


Tila Tequila Needs a Dermatologist!

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Tila Tequila gets invited to parties now. It’s a sign of the apocalypse, everybody run and hide.  Has anyone been watching this show? Total hilarity, from the brief bits I’ve seen. Hilarious like I Love New York. Hilarious in the way that Britney Spears’ “Hot as Fire” is hilarious, you follow? Anyway, enjoy the photos. If she gets any more famous, she might be doing Proactive commercials. Read this bitter story on why Tila is famous (the author is mostly confounded). And if you want to join in the fun, why not try out for the second season of A Shot at Love (what, she’s not going to stay with her first season partner forever?). Shooting starts in January.



Dancing With the Stars Catfight!

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I know nothing about ballroom dancing, and I know even less about Dancing With the Stars. I do know, however, that someone named Tony Dovolani is talking smack on Carrie Ann Inaba’s judgment on the show. Well, well. It seems that the criticism stems from some call that Inaba made with regard to Jane Seymour’s recent routine, during which Inaba claimed Seymour did a lift off the ground, which wasn’t allowed? Or something? Apparently, Dovolani thinks that Inaba has no grounds for comment on ballroom dancing, since she has no background in it. I guess all these seasons of judging DWTS means nothing! Harumph! Lol. People are silly.