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Naveen Andrews with child October 29, 2007

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It must be nearing the start of a new Lost season, because the cast members are peeping out slowly. Here’s a random candid of Naveen Andrews with his older child Jaisal (I *think*). They were shopping at Jenny Bec’s, a children’s retail store in Santa Monica.


Naveen Andrews in The Brave One September 19, 2007

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Kinda slow on this one, but it is definitely post-worthy. Naveen Andrews is in Jodie Foster’s new angry lady movie, The Brave One. He plays her doctor fiancĂ©. Anywhoo, don’t know much about it, so check out Sepia Mutiny’s review.



(Had to include this photo — random Asian showing Jodie’s character how to use a gun, perhaps? Don’t really know what’s happening, but he’s in there.)