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Red Fans and Saggy Boobs October 9, 2007

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Here’s a look at the set and costume for Margaret Cho’s burlesque show, The Sensuous Woman. It’s pretty subtle. J/k.


Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman September 25, 2007

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Margaret Cho is starring in a new show called The Sensuous Woman. An all-female bellydance/burlesque act, it’s opening tomorrow in New York City at the Zipper. Here’s video of her in the show *I think*. According to Margaret’s blog, the show “takes its name from a notorious bit of vinyl someone had at some point, which was a recording of a very articulate woman during a vigorous lovemaking session.” Sounds hot. I like Margaret. Some people are mean to her, but she’s good at deflecting the hater energy.


Weird Shit by Asians August 10, 2007

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Why does M. Cho look like she has chicken pox? Is that dude supposed to be MOM?