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Victoria’s Secret Lacking H&N November 13, 2007

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Heidi Klum and the rest of Victoria’s Secret’s buxom models have landed. It’s like an overflowing cornucopia of multi-ethnic babes unloading from a giant jet plane, and yet none of them is H&N? What is wrong with this scene? I insist on seeing some AZ up in that piece, soon. H&N women like to strut down runways half-naked in lace with giant wings on their backs, honest!



Carrie Ann Inaba’s Biological Clock November 2, 2007

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Watching Carrie Ann Inaba beyond the realm of Dancing With the Stars really stresses me out. But for you, I’ll do anything, so I watched her guest hosting on The View, during which she revealed that she wants kids. Something is ticking, according to her. Carrie Ann is going on 40, but her current boyfriend is only 25, and still working on his career, so it’s sort of problematic blabla. She went and aired all that out on TV! Unnecessary!


Why Is She Still Talking? August 12, 2007

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You’re not relevant! Jenny Shimizu, aka the one chick that won’t stop reminding everyone that she is Angelina Jolie’s ex-lover, keeps talking about Jolie’s bisexuality.


Some dude named Raj joins Archie August 10, 2007

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And bad puns ensue. “Out-Raj-Ous” behavior! Wtf? That smells like ass. Archie Comics welcomes the p.c. diversity quotient into their family on the blog. Here’s a sneak peak. I don’t even want to ask why everyone has to pick the surname Patel for South Asian characters (hello, J.K. Rowling), but damn, UNIBROW? I need a Maddox fix.



Rush Hour 3

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What is he wearing?!

Also out in theaters today, Bad Accents and Stupid Stereotypes 3. Smackie Chan reprises his role as Detective Lee alongside Chris where-has-he-been Tucker’s Detective Carter. Other H&N Asians making appearances include Hiroyuki Sanada, Youki Kudoh, Sun Ming Ming, and the delicious, longtime H&N Tzi Ma.