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Will Yun Lee on People’s Sexiest List November 14, 2007

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People‘s Sexiest Men of 2007 have been decided, and Will Yun Lee is on the list! Damn, that’s hot. Good thing the Televocateur caught on to him! I wonder who else that’s H&N made the cut this year…can’t wait to find out!


Dean Cain Got His Flu Shot November 12, 2007

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Yes, and thank goodness, because no one would want this hot specimen to die of the flu. Not that that would happen to someone his age, but still. Has anyone seen a neck so thick? You could hold onto that thing for dear life in an emergency and be safe. It is like a tree trunk.



Shutterbug Katie Leung November 6, 2007

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Katie Leung surely spends a lot of time in front of cameras, but she likes to be behind them, too. She’s spent lots of money on a “proper paparazzi type” camera, and she’s taking a university-level course on photography. I’m sure she already knows what makes a good picture from all her experience with photoshoots and Harry Potter. I guess you’ve gotta have a backup plan for when your cash cow gets put to rest. Maybe we’ll see her work in a gallery someday.


Padma Lakshmi at YouthAIDS Gala November 5, 2007

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Padma Lakshmi made her way to Maclean, Virginia the other night to attend the 2007 YouthAIDS Gala: Faces of India. Ashley Judd, the host (continuing with our sari theme for the day), sported a royal purple and gold sari. Bono also attended the event. He was there to present an award to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Comedian Russell Peters was also in attendance, as was Miss India Puja Gupta.

hn-padma-aids-2.jpg hn-padma-aids-3.jpg


Bikinis Indoors October 30, 2007

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Here are some random studio photos of Lucy Liu rolling around in bathing attire.



Arun Nayar is a Big Man October 29, 2007

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See this man? Arun Nayar, aka Liz Hurley’s husband? He must have a size XXL heart, because he went on vacation with his wife, stepchild, and…his wife’s ex-boyfriend? The Nayar family went to the Seychelles with someone who appears to be Hugh Grant.



Remember Tia Carrere? October 25, 2007

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I’m seeing her photos float around, which confuses me, since she hasn’t done anything recently except for some bit parts on TV. She’s 40 this year, and still looking pretty good. Here are a couple of shots of Tia at a screening of Dan In Real Life.