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Another Random H&N Commercial November 6, 2007

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I was watching a video clip online, and saw a commercial for AT&T Wireless. It was one of those lame mashup location-themed ads (“Kansatuckybraska”) featuring an Asian dude walking through a crosswalk and getting honked at. Why he’s wearing that awful shirt that looks like an ING ad is beyond me.

These sightings of random H&N characters in live-action advertising weirds me out for no reason. Why shouldn’t it be normal for an Asian person to star in a 10 second ad for AT&T or Best Buy or whatever? So yay in general for seeing more faces in random ass places.


Easiest Guess Who Ever October 23, 2007

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Guess who was at Best Buy with her boyfriend getting asked if they want 8 weeks of People Magazine? I know you guys know exactly who it is, but see the answer (and another photo) after the jump!



Evidence of H&N on SATC set October 19, 2007

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Besides Charlotte’s baby, the one other H&N person I’ve seen so far affiliated with the Sex and the City movie.  She looks like a set assistant type person.



Guess who’s back?

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Guess whose back was out in full view at an award show for Korean movie actors? Hint: she’s a crossover star who’s familiar to a lot of people for her work in film and television. See the answer after the jump!



Weird Shit by Asians September 26, 2007

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Dudes, don’t hurt yourselves. Flexibility is so overrated.


Katherine Heigl’s Asian Friend September 18, 2007

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Awww. Katie Heigl (hi Gull, people!) has an Asian friend SISTER!! Meg and loves her. Anyway, I *think* they’re friends. Apparently, Meg is adopted and was recently married, and Katherine was her bridesmaid. They were photographed together at the Ivy.

Here’s footage of Katherine Heigl’s wrath.


Mystery Asian at JustSweet September 12, 2007

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Jennifer Lopez presented her collection for Just Sweet, and came out with this mystery, non-model H&N for her bows. Co-designer? Who is she? Anybody?