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Paris Hilton Mystery Partially Solved November 9, 2007

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She seems to be getting paid to do something! She’s a spokesperson for Fila, apparently. I can’t believe people went out to see her. Were they paid too? That child is frightened!



Paris Hilton in Korea, continued

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It seems that while in Korea (doing what, I still don’t know), Paris Hilton is going to be featured on a television variety program. She got all dolled up in a traditional dress and tried not to seem trashy. Barf.



Rollerblading Freestyle

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More video! Sadly, I couldn’t embed it (boo WordPress). This one is good for when you’re bored and have a couple of minutes to spare as you stare blankly at a girl doing nothing for about a minute. After which, of course, she switches into skill mode and starts doing a rollerskateballetdance thing that’s kind of crazy. If you click through to the glumbert page, you’ll see that the comments are the best part, of course.

(Thanks GK!)


Funny Ads for a Slow Day November 8, 2007

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“H&N, did you really scan a McDonald’s bag and a coupon for Baby Phat perfume?”

“Yes, yes I did.”


Paris Hilton in Seoul

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Something funny is in the air in Seoul this week. Paris Hilton shimmied over from Tokyo and it’s unbelievable, the throngs of random dudes in suits that are surrounding her. I didn’t realize people cared about Paris Hilton. Her bouquet is really cute, don’t you think? She’s probably saying to herself, “Like, OMG, I totally need to move here. They, like, love me!”



Things I Don’t Understand, Vol. 1 November 7, 2007

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Paris and Nicky Hilton are in Tokyo to help pick finalists for Miss Universe Japan. Huh, WTF, why, etc. That’s how I feel about it. Paris apparently loves the shopping in Tokyo. She and her sister also learned a little H&N photo trick, perhaps in an effort to convince the rest of us that there’s a reason for the Hiltons to be judging for the Miss Universe Japan contest.



Penguin and Snowman Finish Marathon November 6, 2007

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Here are some H&N runners who completed this past weekend’s ING New York City Marathon. They ran 26.2 miles in costume, as a snowman and a penguin. Amazing. And Frickin’ CRAZY!! Gotta love it.