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WTF is Wetness Protection? November 13, 2007

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Does Secret have some kind of Wetness Protection Program for people whose sweat glands are overactive? Put those nasty, sweaty girls into hiding! Give them new names! Never put them in light clothing! Honestly though, are women really that sweaty? Why do we need “Clinical Strength” anti-perspirant?


I am so not ready to be buying Christmas gifts

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But I will admit that Ai Tominaga and her son Akitsugu are contaminating me with a little pre-pre-holiday spirit. They are too cute! I want to eat him! Rar!


H&N McDonald’s Commercial November 9, 2007

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Good morning, everyone! Glad it’s Friday. Since we ended yesterday with a McDonald’s bag, we’ll start today with a McDonald’s ad, featuring none other than Ando of Heroes, James Kyson Lee. I wish there was someone at my job that bought me Happy Meals.

(Thanks Mary!)


Another Random H&N Commercial November 6, 2007

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I was watching a video clip online, and saw a commercial for AT&T Wireless. It was one of those lame mashup location-themed ads (“Kansatuckybraska”) featuring an Asian dude walking through a crosswalk and getting honked at. Why he’s wearing that awful shirt that looks like an ING ad is beyond me.

These sightings of random H&N characters in live-action advertising weirds me out for no reason. Why shouldn’t it be normal for an Asian person to star in a 10 second ad for AT&T or Best Buy or whatever? So yay in general for seeing more faces in random ass places.


Makes you go hmm… October 4, 2007

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In this week’s edition of gratuitous use of Asians and sex in advertising, the copyranter points to a new ad for The Developers Group in this week’s Time Out New York. Unnecessary, man. Click thumbnail for full ad.



Rex Lee in New GLAAD Ads September 4, 2007

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GLAAD has some new advertising out, and it features lots of different gay and straight celebs, one of whom is Rex Lee of Entourage! Yay! H&N loves Rex!


Blind Item: Not really August 22, 2007

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Who is the newest star of the Body by Milk campaign?

He has swept the feverish hearts of many TV watchers with his cute face and superhero powers.

Who is it?

Answer here…