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More Mummy 3 Sneak Peeks November 12, 2007

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Hello, and good Monday, everyone! Hope you’re all having a good day so far. To start off, we have a few new H&N photos from the set of the third Mummy movie, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer. Michelle Yeoh’s dress in this picture is so silky and gorgeous looking. Wouldn’t it be awesome to walk around your house all glammed up like that? Except she’s in some kind of weird tomb/cave situation, which is a little creepier.



Laundry Warrior To Start Filming November 6, 2007

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Variety reported last week that Laundry Warrior, the epic wash and dry session hero movie starring Korean hallyu megamachine Jang Dong Gun and little miss Lois Lane Kate Bosworth, was to start shooting in New Zealand on November 12. Korean newspaper outfit Chosun Ilbo says this Friday. Tomato, tomahto, the production is getting ready to roll.

The movie, which is written and directed by Sngmoo Lee, is produced by Lord of the Rings heavyweight Barrie Osbourne, and also stars Geoffrey Rush and Thomas Haden Church, is about an “Asian warrior” who’s in the American badlands and encounters some other warrior/fighter types.

The most important part of this item is that Jang Dong Gun is slowly moving his way into Hollywood, and possibly more international acclaim. He could be the big one for Korea, which so far hasn’t had any movie crossover stars (Yunjin Kim kinda counts, but she’s TV). He is ultra hot, and deserves to be known worldwide, despite the fact that he can sometimes have extremely nerdy hair. Check out some other photos of him, plus a supposed sketch of his Laundry Warrior costume. (I really don’t get the laundry part. Still. What is that about, really.)



Rain on Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack November 2, 2007

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So this silly animated Panda movie, Kung Fu Panda, is going to get a theme song by Korean pop idol Rain, who’s now in the U.S. recording for it. I have mixed feelings about Rain and producer JYP’s plans to take over the U.S. market, but lots of people around the world seem to find him sexy, so we’ll see. I hope his English has improved since his duet with Omarion! Oh, and check out one of Rain’s music videos.



It’s Never Going to Happen November 1, 2007

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Maggie Q is tired of being “one of the boys,” or whatever. She wants to do a “chick flick.” Yes, with an image like hers, I’m sure all the girls will run to the theaters to watch her fall in love. Yeah, right!

“I’m dying to do a chick flick. I’ve never done a girls’ film, I’ve always done these guy movies,” says the 28-year-old.

“I’m always either fighting or shooting guys. I don’t know anything else – I only know guy movies. It’s very weird. I weirdly feel like I have all these brothers in Hollywood.”

Btw, they’re not brothers. Unless brothers are the type of people that want to sleep with you!


Step Up 2’s H&N Action

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I don’t know what compelled me to watch the trailer for Step Up 2 the Streets, the sequel to the 2006 dancemance Step Up, but I did, and I discovered a couple of things: the random H&N ballet dancer (extra?), the male lead that has to be the brother of last year’s American Idol runner up Blake Lewis, and the movie’s director, H&N Jon M. Chu. He’s got only a few titles under his belt, so I hope this is just a stepping stone to bigger (better) things. This movie just reeks of Save the Last Dance 2. Shake that stench off quick, Mr. Chu!


Dan in Real Life’s Bella October 30, 2007

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I went to the movies last night and saw Dan in Real Life, the new Steve Carell rom-com about an advice columnist who goes to an extended family gathering and falls in love. Steve Carell is a white dude, his family’s white. Makes sense. But then, this little Asian child pops up out of nowhere, and she’s someone in that family’s daughter, “Bella Wilson.” Whaaa?

I looked the little actress up. Her name is Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman, and there isn’t much else about her on the internet, unfortunately (the only place I conduct my research). All I know is, she does a really cute chihuahua impression. Check out one other photo of her from the movie, plus a shot of Masi Oka at the premiere~…

hn-dan-bella-1.jpg hn-dan-masi.jpg


Yunjin Kim’s Seven Days October 29, 2007

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Yunjin Kim is currently in Korea promoting her new movie, Seven Days. Two things — what is she wearing, and why does she look so old in these pictures? Anyway, according to a brief item in Variety, Seven Days is a crime thriller in which Kim plays a ruthless lawyer. Her daughter gets kidnapped and she has to represent a prisoner on death row. This is Kim’s first Korean movie in two years, which is a big deal, since she was a huge star in Korea before crossing over to do Lost. Read more about the movie here.