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Dan in Real Life’s Bella October 30, 2007

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I went to the movies last night and saw Dan in Real Life, the new Steve Carell rom-com about an advice columnist who goes to an extended family gathering and falls in love. Steve Carell is a white dude, his family’s white. Makes sense. But then, this little Asian child pops up out of nowhere, and she’s someone in that family’s daughter, “Bella Wilson.” Whaaa?

I looked the little actress up. Her name is Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman, and there isn’t much else about her on the internet, unfortunately (the only place I conduct my research). All I know is, she does a really cute chihuahua impression. Check out one other photo of her from the movie, plus a shot of Masi Oka at the premiere~…

hn-dan-bella-1.jpg hn-dan-masi.jpg


One Response to “Dan in Real Life’s Bella”

  1. DeDe B Says:

    Could she be an adopted Chinese child? Yes, she is darling in the movie. My friend and I (both parents of Chinese daughters adopted from China) thought it was great that she was in the movie and there was no explaination. That is how my family looks when we get together…a bunch of Caucasians and my 2 daughters who are Chinese. Very cool on the producers part if you ask me.

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