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Confirmed: Masi, Ladies Man. October 4, 2007

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Okay, it’s a done deal. Masi says so himself in an interview with Maxim‘s October issue.. He is a ladies man. That is, he loves women. When asked what his greatest source of strength has been, he replied, “Women. They’re my weakness, too. They make me feel great and powerless at the same time. It’s agonizing that I can’t live with them or without them.”

He also says that the best moment of his life was “getting laid for the first time… It was my freshman year of college — a one-time thing. I never talked to her again, so it was kind of the best and the worst.” Nice of him to be big about it and admit that he was in college when he lost his v-card.

Oh, agony. Sweet agony.

Caption (not really): Yes, my bitches. I control your little minds with just my hands.



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