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Heroes Chapter 8: Four Months Ago November 15, 2007

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By The Televocateur

Last week, Peter met Adam Monroe in Montreal and we were surprised to see that Adam and Takezo Kensei are the same person. This week, Heroes played the rewind game to fill in the gaps between Peter exploding into bits and and his memory loss in Ireland. All the really important questions have been answered. All except one.

Like, when did Nikki have time to buy those hideous shoes?

J/K… J/K… they’re actually kind of cute. I mean, she was an Internet video dancer so I can’t give her a hard time for lack of wardrobe choices. Anyway, down to business. Last season, D.L killed Linderman and ended up with a bullet to the chest. We all thought he died because of that wound, but it wasn’t the case. In fact, he survived bullet removal surgery and Bob even showed up to foot the bill. Things were looking up. Bob fears that Nikki’s inclination to morph into her alter egos will come out in her again, and tells her she can either come into the company for treatment or take pills at home. She opts for the pills, but they make her so depressed, it doesn’t take long for her to stop taking them. Uh oh… not surprisingly, one of her alter egos comes out to play– a new girl named “Gina.” Gina goes to L.A to party and grind up on some strangers. Eventually, D.L hunts her down, and makes her snap out of her delusion. As they exit the club, one of the guys Gina was seeing pulls a gun and shoots D.L, which is how he died. Pretty ridic if you ask me. I mean, if D.L. can phase in and out, shouldn’t he be able to dodge a bullet?

At the end of last season, Peter was about to explode when Nathan takes it upon himself to save the world by flying him away from civilization, sacrificing himself for mankind. Predictably, Peter blows up and then comes back to life (regenerating… his million little pieces) but he ends up burning his brother. He manages to bring Nathan to the hospital, but before he could do anything else, Bob and Elle zap him unconscious and drags him back to the company. Do you think Bob is Elle’s dad? I think so. Elle is a total nutjob, but she makes crazy seem cute. Not in this photo though…


When Peter comes to his senses, Bob and Elle gives him the 411 on the company. All the company wants to do, they say, is to cure people like Peter so they can live normal lives again. Peter doesn’t want to hurt anyone else, so he voluntarily allows himself to be locked up for his own safety. There’s no denying the sparks between Peter and Elle. It’s kind of like Batman and Catwoman. Elle even has the sadistic sociopath qualities down. Bob tells her, “He’s not a toy, Elle.” which leads her to reply, “Oh but he could be.” And what a cute toy he’d be! One thing she really loves to do is flirt with Peter and then jolt him with electricity. Also, she is quite handy with trimming shears.


There’s an Englishman locked up in the cell next to him, and it turns out it’s Adam Monroe. Adam tells him not to trust these people. They’re liars. He tells Peter that he’s 400 years old and he can heal others with his blood. If the company wanted to save the world, why wouldn’t they use his gift? Peter tells Adam about what happened to his brother and Adam promises he can save Nathan’s life. They break out of their cells and head for the hospital. Sure enough, when Adam injects a vial of his blood into Nathan’s I.V., Nathan’s burns begin to visibly heal. However, Elle and the Haitian are hot on their trail. Adam says to split up, and meet in Montreal. Peter gets into a fight with the Haitian in big metal cargo hold. The Haitian manages to handcuff him, but he doesn’t want to kill Peter. He says that Peter’s mom, Angela Petrelli helped him a long time ago, and he’s repaying the favor. He erases Peter’s memory, gives him his necklace, and hopes he will be able to live a normal life wherever he ends up.


So that’s how it all started. Next week, the saga continues…


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  1. bc3263827 Says:

    Unfortunately, it looks like all the great plots that have been developing this season are going to be hacked to pieces in the next 3 episodes. Tim Kring has apologized in advance to the fans. He says that they may have to end the season after the next 3 episodes due to the strike. That means they will wrap everything up in the next 3 episodes. Every Heroes fan knows that this simply cannot do justice to everything that has been building so far. Maybe we will get lucky and the strike will end soon.

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