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Yunjin Kim in Vogue November 12, 2007

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Yunjin Kim is featured in Vogue Korea this month, wearing a funky bad perm and super matte makeup. In the blurb following the bit about the houses she keeps in many locations, they say she epitomizes the American Dream. I guess that’s one way to interpret the dream. The article is in Korean, but there’s some video on the story page if you’re interested.

Side note: Has anyone any knowledge of someone H&N being on the cover of American Vogue? Or any other fashion mag besides that one issue of Marie Claire that had Sandra Oh on the cover?


3 Responses to “Yunjin Kim in Vogue”

  1. fan Says:

    Wow! Yunjin kim indeed proven herself
    She is the sexiest World Porn Star.

  2. makeupfan Says:

    I’m sure there’s camera trick to make her face stretched long and slim..
    But,all the thick make up painted on her is way tooo much
    hardly can recognize her.

  3. hurley fan Says:

    I like Yunjin kim’s natural long hair
    instead of gient blown up sizzeled curly hurly
    She looks pretty when she doen’t try to imitate
    western super model look.

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