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Dean Cain Got His Flu Shot November 12, 2007

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Yes, and thank goodness, because no one would want this hot specimen to die of the flu. Not that that would happen to someone his age, but still. Has anyone seen a neck so thick? You could hold onto that thing for dear life in an emergency and be safe. It is like a tree trunk.



2 Responses to “Dean Cain Got His Flu Shot”

  1. Rue Says:

    erm…is a treetrunk neck a good thing? Is that a compliment?? o_0?

  2. hotandnerdy Says:

    hehe…kinda? he definitely has the body frame to match. he just looks so strong, yeah? i mean, he probably has to get all of his shirts tailored because what is that, like a 25-inch neck? but i think he pulls it off.

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