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Bionic Woman’s Will Yun Lee November 12, 2007

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By The Televocateur

How did we miss this H&N hottie, Will Yun Lee?

I randomly turned on the TV and saw him on the show, Bionic Woman. He plays Jae Kim, a biophysics specialist (very nerdy) who also does the combat training for the bionic woman, Jaime Sommers. I guess it helps that Will has a 5 th degree Tae Kwon Do black belt. Ooh, how kickass!

A quick glance at his list of credits and we discovered he was tearing up the screen four years ago in Mimi’s “Boy (I Need You)” music video. Let Hot & Nerdy take you back.



One Response to “Bionic Woman’s Will Yun Lee”

  1. […] of 2007 have been decided, and Will Yun Lee is on the list! Damn, that’s hot. Good thing the Televocateur caught on to him! I wonder who else that’s H&N made the cut this year…can’t wait to find out! […]

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