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Heroes Chapter 7: Out of Time November 7, 2007

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By The Televocateur

The jaw dropping reveal: Adam Monroe is….


Think this dude looks a lot like Takezo… hmm… clarify, please.

Last week, Takezo turned his back on Hiro and Yaeko (the swordmaker’s daughter) after he caught his best friend canoodling with his girlfriend. Heartbroken, he turned them over to White Beard and decided it was more economical to be bad than to be a hero. Hiro takes on the task of saving Japan on his own when Takezo ambushes him in the barracks. After an embittered battle, Takezo is defeated when the camp blows up, but not before vowing that if he survives, he will make Hiro suffer.


The man of the hour… actually many hours, oh you time-traveling swashbuckling hero of mine.


Maury Parkman (Matt’s dad, and also known as the Nightmare Man) is gunning for the company and he’s got one goal on his mind: kill Bob. Bob’s plan to defeat Maury is to use the virus against him, unless Matt can get into his head and defeat him psychologically. Maury worms his way into Nikki’s brain and makes her think that Bob is the villain. Then again, the lines of ethics and moral justice are so vague… who knows who’s less evil than whom? To break out of the Nightmare Man’s grasp, she injects herself with the virus. Later on, when Mohinder tries to use his antibodies to save Nikki, it is learned that this virus has mutated. Mutations=No Cure. Yikes.


Bob, the solutions man, tells Mohinder that their last chance to get this strain under control is to find Claire Bennett. Her regenerative abilities could offer up a solution to cure Nikki. Mr. Bennett has been so sloppy, evasive and working on his own agendas lately that Mohinder feels he can no longer trust him. So, he fesses up to Bob, telling him he’s been a double agent working to bring the company down. In true Godfather form, Bob forgives Mohinder, but first they need to find Claire—by any means necessary.


Meanwhile, Peter gets hosed down in 2008, and a visit from mom jogs his memory. He learns that the virus has killed something like 80% of the world’s population, and then a chance meeting with Caitlin transports him back to Montreal where, drumroll, we are introduced to one Adam Monroe. Bob had told Nathan that Adam Monroe was a visionary who thought of himself as a god, and he talked immensely about punishing humanity to save the world. Linderman was one of his disciples. He escaped their lockup facility two weeks ago and has been causing havoc since. So are Adam and Takezo one and the same? He could just be a lookalike. Or maybe he’s figured out a way to trick the time/space continuum too? Hitched a ride maybe with Peter or Hiro?

Ah, questions. More answers next week, I hope.


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