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H&N Goes to Antarctica November 5, 2007

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Antarctica’s getting some H&N love recently. Ann Curry is there now on assignment with Today, which is doing a special on climate change. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon is also going to be there soon, as part of a tour related to environmental issues. The shocking thing is that Ban is the first SG to visit Antarctica. How does that make any sense?


Anyway, I watched the Ann Curry video on MSNBC’s website. It confirmed again what I always feel about her, that she is an intelli-ditzy television personality who kind of annoys me. I think it’s because of all the crap she does with Brad and Angelina in her over-the-top serious tone. I can’t take anything she does seriously after watching that nonsense. You guys should check it out if you’re interested in re-hearing everything you’ve already heard about global warming and CO2 levels.


The other random part about watching this video was that I got to watch a Best Buy commercial prior to the clip, and there was some H&N presence in there as well. Kind of hard to tell, I know. This was the best I could do…sorry!


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