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Heroes Chapter 5: The Line October 31, 2007

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By The Televocateur

Am I seeing things, or is this cheerleader being chased by a flying dude in a mask?

All this and more after the jump.

Since Claire attributed her late night rendezvous to cheerleading practice, it might be useful to her story if she was, say, on the cheerleading team. So she tries out, and is clearly the best of the bunch. But head cheerleader, Debbie, a totally ruthless “Heather,” rejects her anyway. She and West seek revenge by luring Debs away from the squad during a late night hazing of the new inductees. She’s pounding vodka from a paper bag, when West flies by with a mask on, picks up Claire and drops her, breaking all the bones in her body. Later on Debbie tells the story to the cheerleaders and the cops, but when Claire shows up with all her organs in the right place, Debbie just looks like a fool. The cops find the bottle of booze and Debbie gets suspended for drinking on school grounds, and making up stories about flying masked men and murders. And then Claire is made a member of the team by default. Yay!

Meanwhile, Monica is brought into the company by Mohinder to test the range of her powers.


When Supervisor Bob instructs him to inject the girl with an untested vaccine to see if it will remove her powers, Mohinder plays the ethics card and refuses to treat Monica like a lab rat. Eventually Bob concedes, but points out that vaccine is necessary to stop some of the more dangerous advanced humans, such as one Adam Monroe. He also assigns Nikki to be Mohinder’s new “partner,” but her purpose is most likely to keep the doctor in line.


Hiro accidentally reveals his time traveling ability in front of Yaeko, and since she’s a smart girl, she puts two and two together and realizes that it was Hiro who’s been guiding Takezo this entire time. Hiro admits his love for her, they smooch, but the romance is short lived. When Takezo sees his girlfriend and his good buddy betraying him, he decides he’s had enough of all the do-gooder stuff.


Mr. Bennett and the Haitian shake down an old contact in Ukraine for information on the location of Issac Mendez’s paintings. They find the paintings in a warehouse, but can’t make sense of what it all means. Peter and Caitlin go to the building in the painting and find that someone was expecting their arrival.


Seriously, who is this Adam fellow? When Pete goes in to hug Caitlin, he accidentally triggers Hiro’s time traveling power which transports the couple to New York, June 2008. What does the future look like? Pretty damn bleakā€¦

More Heroes next week.


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