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Dirty Sexy Money’s Mei-Ling October 31, 2007

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I’ve been told that there are several H&N characters floating around ABC’s new monied family drama, Dirty Sexy Money. The most prominent of these players is Michelle Krusiec, a Taiwanese-American actress who you might have seen in the indie movie Saving Face. In the show, Michelle plays Mei-Ling Hwa Darling, the wife of one of the Darling sons, who also happens to be a minister, who also happens to be lying to her about his illegitimate child. !!

Is anyone watching this show? I’ve heard it’s entertaining, in that guilty pleasure kind of way.

(Thanks Thailanol and Mary!)


2 Responses to “Dirty Sexy Money’s Mei-Ling”

  1. Ru Says:

    Yep im watching this and it IS like a guilty pleasure lol
    forgive me i thought this was like kelly hu or someone.

  2. hotandnerdy Says:

    I never saw it before, but Michelle does kind of look like Kelly Hu!

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