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Naveen Andrews with child October 29, 2007

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It must be nearing the start of a new Lost season, because the cast members are peeping out slowly. Here’s a random candid of Naveen Andrews with his older child Jaisal (I *think*). They were shopping at Jenny Bec’s, a children’s retail store in Santa Monica.


6 Responses to “Naveen Andrews with child”

  1. Ktosiu Says:

    I think that is not a Jaisal, because he was born in 1992, so he is 15 now.

  2. Bink Says:

    I don’t think this is his oldest son. His first child is probably a teenager now.

  3. Charlie Says:

    Well thats a nice photo… but Jaisal… is 16 (this year)… and thats a photo of his youngest son Naveen Joshua Andrews…
    Sorry to tell you that
    have a GREAT day

  4. shina Says:

    that’s not jaisal, jaisal was born in 1992!
    this is naveen joshua, he was born while naveen sr. and his wife or whatever had broken up.

  5. buddy Says:

    Can’t be Jaisal – as Jaisal was born in 1992

  6. kelly Says:

    this cant be his older child, jaisal was born in 1992

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