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Heroes Chapter 4: Fight or Flight October 29, 2007

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By The Televocateur

Apologies for the lateness of the recap. I’m sure by now, Hiro and the gang have saved the world two times over, settled down and raised a gaggle of junior heroes, but in any case, let’s rewind and see what happened on the show last Monday. Why don’t we begin with what’s behind door #9?

As Molly’s condition worsens, Mohinder brings her into the company for monitoring while Matt and Nathan go to Philadelphia to confront Matt’s father, the so-called “Nightmare Man,” in apartment # 9.

Matt is still working on daddy issues since his dad abandoned him years ago. The only useful bit of advice his dad would give him is that these powers they have only get stronger over time. He demonstrates how his own mind-reading ability has evolved into the power to control people’s perceptions of reality, by tricking Nathan and Matt into manifestations of their worst nightmares while he scurries away. Only Matt was able to realize that they were stuck in a false reality. When they both come to, Matt’s dad is long gone.

Micah learns of his cousin, Monica’s powers when she slips up and starts mimicking him playing the piano. Letting her in on his secret ability, they realize that these supernatural powers must run in the family. Just as Monica is starting to wrap her mind around copycatting, she gets an unexpected visit from Mohinder. What could the company want with Monica?

Kristen Bell, aka, the former Ms. Veronica Mars, joins the cast of Heroes as “Elle,” an agent of the company working to bring down Peter Petrelli on behalf of her father, who is implied to be higher up in the ranks. So I guess now we know where Peter got the power to shoot lightning from his hands…


Speaking of Peter, he sure comes with a lot of baggage. Because everyone and their moms are looking for him, there’s bound to be some casualties. When Elle comes knocking at the pub looking for Peter, Caitlin’s brother, Ricky denies knowing his whereabouts. Naturally, Elle uses shock therapy to loosen his tongue and ends up killing him. You could have gotten him drunk instead, Elle. I mean, you ARE at a pub.


Meanwhile, Peter and Caitlin are hiding out in a cabin. What do they do to pass the time? (Get your head out of the gutter). Paint the future of course! He scares Caitlin to death by letting his eyes go dead, and painting the future, an ability he picked up from Isaac Mendez. The picture shows two people in the streets of Montreal, which I assume is where they are headed next.

Hiro continues to write down his adventures in feudal Japan for Ando to find…


Until next Monday!


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