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Zac Hates Lingerie, Vanessa Likes Feathers October 25, 2007

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Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were out on the town last night, at the Frederick’s of Hollywood Spring 2008 collection show. Were they picking up lingerie?! *Shock* j/k According to USA Today, Zac wasn’t really into it, but Vanessa was. Well, duh!!

Hudgens clammed up when she was asked to discuss her favorite looks of the evening, inspiring Efron to pipe in: “I’m not really an underwear kind of guy, but she is.” Indeed, Efron did look bored as celebrated stripteaser Dita Von Teese performed in a gilded bird cage. Keeping a tight grip on her man, Hudgens would say only that she liked the feathers that appeared on models throughout the evening.

Something went wrong with her makeup…is she not wearing any? Well, you guys like her, so here are the photo photo photos!!



One Response to “Zac Hates Lingerie, Vanessa Likes Feathers”

  1. Tory Says:

    I love that picture. You are a cute couple.

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