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Random H&N Crazies in the News October 24, 2007

Filed under: Weird Shit — hotandnerdy @ 8:00 pm

This chick, Anna Tang, went into her ex-boyfriend’s dorm room and stabbed him 7 times.

“After Anna Tang and her boyfriend broke up three weeks ago, prosecutors say, the Wellesley College junior began sending him e-mails telling him she would kill him.

Tang’s lawyer, John Valerio of Andover, described the suspect as a ‘meek, mild-mannered young lady,’ originally from South Bend, Ind., who is ‘in a great deal of distress.’

‘She’s in a state of shock,’ he said after the arraignment, adding that he would investigate the prosecution’s allegations. ‘By all accounts, this is a good girl who has never had problems with the law.'”


I love how the lawyer is trying to work the “meek, mild-mannered” angle. Way to try and perpetuate the stereotype, dude. She almost killed the guy!!


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