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Heroes: Chapter 4 – The Kindness of Strangers October 18, 2007

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By The Televocateur

On the open road, you are apt to come across many gruesome discoveries. Whether it’s unidentifiable roadkill or no toilet paper at a rest stop, the last thing you should do is pick up semi-dead men lying in the middle of the highway. What if you picked up a serial killer? And oh my god, what if you really picked up a serial killer? Maya and Alejandro are about to find out what it means to be in an American teen-horror movie. You know, unless they kill their mysterious guest first with their tears of death.

*Spoilers ahead*

The Mexican siblings and their jail-bait driver come to a halt when they find a man passed out in the middle of the road, who turns out to be Sylar (I guess he was in Mexico this entire time). When the twins tell him they’re looking for Dr. Suresh, Sylar is immediately curious and convinces them that he can help them get to New York.

Meanwhile, in New York, Angela Petrilli pleads guilty to killing Kaito Nakamura. However, Matt Parkman knows Angela is not the murderer. She pleads with him to let her take the fall because digging any deeper into this case will only lead to more deaths. Does he heed her advice? Of course not! When he asks Nathan Petrelli about the cryptic photo Angela and Kaito received, Nathan immediately recognizes it, and shows him the original. In the picture, are Angela, Kaito, Linderman, and Charles Devreux, almost all of whom have succumbed to an untimely demise. There’s also a dude named “Bob” but we know him better as Mohinder’s new boss at “the company.” However, the big surprise is when Matt, recognizes this man in the photo:


It’s his father! Matt becomes obsessed with finding his dad, and asks Molly to help locate him. When Molly sees who she’s supposed to find, she freaks out because this is the man who has been haunting her dreams and causing her to wake up fearing for her life! Nevertheless, she wants to help and pinpoints Matt’s father’s whereabouts to Apt #9 in a building in Philadelphia, but before she can get out, Parkman Senior senses Molly’s presence, grabs her, and puts the little girl into a coma. Poor Molly!

Claire is also having daddy issues, albeit, the normal kind—not the “my father might be a crazy killer” kind. Still, it’s annoying. Mr. Bennet, ever the overprotective papa, won’t let Claire date. So she does what any normal teenage girl would do: lie and sneak out to see her boyfriend. On their date, West tells her he can take her anywhere in the world, so they go to up to the Hollywood Hills sign, where up above the shining lights of Hollywood, he asks Claire to take the leap of faith and jump. She does, and he flies down to catch her, laying this stunner of a line:


Can I just say, “Awww…..” I know that was corny as hell, but way to go, West! Keeping the romance alive!


Micha is adjusting to life in New Orleans with his nana, and his cousins. His cousin Monica is special just like him but she isn’t really aware of her power. It will be interesting to see if Micha and Monica catch onto each other’s hidden talents. We know that Monica is the sole breadwinner in her family. She had to quit school and take a job at a fast food restaurant after Hurricane Katrina so she could support her younger brother and their grandmother. But she is ambitious, bright and has the power to watch and imitate. After her brother turned on a wrestling match on TV, she registered a wrestling move in her brain and was able to use this to take down a criminal during a robbery at the restaurant.

What’s in store next week? Tune into H&N to find out!


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