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Heroes: Chapter 3 – Kindred October 9, 2007

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By The Televocateur

If this show has taught me anything, it is that secrets have a way of uncovering themselves at the most inopportune times. Nothing stays dead for long. Let’s take last season’s bad boy, for example. If you watched the finale thinking Sylar’s wicked ways came to an end with Hiro and Peter kicking his sorry ass into the afterlife, then you’re dead wrong! Dead being the operative word.

*Spoilers ahead*

In our first glimpse of Sylar this season, he is lounging beach side with the shape-shifter Candice, a.k.a. Michelle. He is very much alive. Michelle rescued him from Kirby Square after last season’s apocalyptic battle, and was helping him recover on orders from her boss. Last season she worked for Mr. Linderman, until he was murdered by D.L. Who could be she be taking orders from now?


In any case, Michelle keeps insisting that she is supposed to tend to him and help him fulfill some important destiny. I think she likes him. I don’t know, some girls just like homicidal crazies. But Sylar isn’t really the kind of guy who commits to a lady. He’s more into sucking out her brains and stealing her reality bending power. Poor Michelle — she has really bad taste in men. Unfortunately for Sylar, he is not able to use his newly acquired power like he used to… what could be wrong? And why is he stuck here?


Mohinder digs himself into deeper poo with “the company.” They redesign Isaac Mendez’s loft as a laboratory for Mohinder to work on his research, but make it no secret that they are keeping a close eye on him. This might be a problem for Matt Parkman and Molly. Nothing ruins a domestic partnership like too many late nights at the office. Think of the children, Mohinder!


Maya and Alejandro get into some problems at a police station in Mexico but later on make a getaway with the help of an American. Meanwhile, Nikki drops off Micha at a relative’s house in New Orleans, and she goes off in search of a “cure” for her power. In Ireland, Peter helps Caitlin and her brother and uncovers a traitor among their people. His reward is a kiss and a tattoo welcoming him into the family. Oh and that box. But I think he’s more into the kiss. He decides he’s happy where he is with Caitlin and her Irish brood, and doesn’t need to know his history just yet.

Hiro writes to Ando from the great beyond, informing his friend that he’s going to be in Japan longer than he thought. He’s fallen for the sword maker’s daughter, who is in love with Takezo. She doesn’t know it, but she’s actually in love with Hiro masquerading as Takezo. Love triangle? This could be exciting! As long as we keep track of who’s who.


In other relationship news, Claire’s new romantic interest, West, has a secret of his own: he’s a “freak” just like her. He can fly! He lets her in on another secret — about a year ago, he was kidnapped by a man with horn-rimmed-glasses who performed all sorts of horrible tests on him. HRG is Mr. Bennett of course. Claire doesn’t react very well to this news… But Mr. Bennett has some other distressing information to be concerned with. Mohinder lets him know that he’s found #8 of 8 in the Isaac Mendez paintings.


What’s in the painting makes Mr. Bennett feel very unsettled…


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