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Lucy Liu’s New Man October 5, 2007

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Lucy Liu continued shooting for Cashmere Mafia in NYC yesterday, and she showed up with a new man! He is actor Jack Yang, and I have to say, he looks really good with Lucy. Lucy doesn’t look to bad herself, despite the striped lamé number she has on. I kind of like the whole ensemble. Check out all the pix below!




7 Responses to “Lucy Liu’s New Man”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Wow! Lucy Liu looks so pretty in this series. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. hunter wry Says:


  3. hunter wry Says:

    yeah actually, she’s rocking the gold thing. they look so cute together!

  4. alex Says:

    all the pix i’ve seen all have amazing styling. like sex in the city but better. i love the quilted clutch lucy’s carrying. i think it’s the new jack rabbit clutch.

  5. rose barnett Says:

    Very cool bag Lucy is carrying. By whom….?

  6. rebecca Says:

    Oh she looks so cute!!!1 I really love that bag!!!!! Does anybody know who that is by? I’ve never seen it before.I think its so rockin. They look so in love.

  7. peaceloveshoes Says:

    why am i so obsessed with her bag?! tell me where I can get it…please!

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