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Hung takes Top Chef! October 4, 2007

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Whoa! It didn’t come out of nowhere, but I’m still so excited for him! Congratulations to Hung Huynh, who last night won the title of TOP CHEF! Good job, dude! In the final act, Hung got to be partnered with Rocco DiSpirito as his sous-chef (I wonder who’s actually the better chef?)

Here’s what Rocco said about working with Hung in his blog:

This was a man with a plan, a smile, enough energy and dexterity to make Lord Shiva look handicapped. I am not sure who was more nervous — him or me. He came with a cache of exotic and hard to find ingredients, such as tamarind, coconut concentrate, powdered olive oil, guava juice and much, much more. Just the ingredients alone got me excited. To say Hung put me through my paces is a gross understatement. I was running around and having a ball. Todd English said to Dale, “You are spoiling me; I don’t have to think.” Yes, it’s true, I didn’t really have to think either, nor worry about the outcome, per se. But make no mistake, I was working, and the last thing I wanted was to in any way contribute to Hung not winning. I only wanted to do my best for him and didn’t want to get in his way.

I explained to Hung that I was there to serve him, and that he should boss me around, and give me all the grunt work. He had no problem with any of that, at all! When he explained his menu to me, my head started spinning because of the sheer amount of ingredients and elements he had planned for each dish. I thought to myself, “Uh-oh, he’s going to lose this by being overzealous.” As it turned out, nothing could have been further from the truth. He knew exactly what to do with each ingredient, when to use them, and when to ditch them. He’s impressive.

Ooooh. And my personal favorite judge, Ted Allen, also wrote on his blog about Hung that “I have never agreed with the notion that Hung’s food lacked ‘heart’ or ‘soul.’ Ever. You see it in every knife stroke, and you taste it in (almost) every dish.” Those are some nice words coming from two celebrity food personalities. Well, anyway, cheers to the winner, one of our very own H&N!





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