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Heroes: Chapter 2 — Lizards October 2, 2007

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By The Televocateur

Biology class was always one of my favorites in high school. But luckily, I wasn’t the crazy kid in the back who constantly raised her hand to ask questions about the genetic advancements in human organ re-growth. In last night’s episode of Heroes, Claire struggled to be normal, but freaked out the other kids with her zany questions about harvesting body parts. Hun, it’s a good thing you’re hot. Otherwise, a beatdown would have been in order. Like that matters — she’s a walking surgical unit. Hillarycare, take notes!

Meanwhile, the Bennetts read in the paper that Kaito Nakamura is dead. Mr. Bennett whips out one of Isaac Mendez’s paintings, and realizes that his death was long foreseen, and this was only one of seven.

In Ireland, a shirtless Peter Petrelli (yes, more please) gets bitchslapped before getting the gentle touch from a pretty girl named Caitlin.


When some bad guys try to get it on with her, Peter opens a can of whoop-ass and saves the day. He has no recollection of how he ended up in Ireland, let alone, any knowledge about himself prior to waking up in hatch, but all the answers are supposedly in this box, dangled in front of him by Caitlin’s brother.


And all he has to do to get the box is be the muscle in their next crime spree. (Be the muscle, show some muscles, whatevs. More shirtless screen time!)

Alejandro and Maya get a little closer to the border, and we find out that Alejandro’s power is sucking the demon juice out of his sister. And when separated from her brother, her power is pretty freaky — she kills bystanders with her oozing black tears. Mohinder gets sent on a mission to cure a man in Haiti who has the virus. And guess who that man is? Duh. The Haitian. That was too obvious. If you remember, the Haitian was Mr. Bennett’s right hand man, and his special power was wiping people’s memories. Last season, he was morally ambiguous, working for Angela Petrelli.

In Japan, Hiro dons Takezo’s armor when it’s clear the Japanese , and will not be able to save the village and rescue the sword maker’s daughter. Hiro uses his ability to bend time to ward off a dozen swordsmen and then he swoops the girl off her feet, riding off into a shower of cherry blossoms.


Hiro and swordmaker’s daughter, sitting in a tree…Awww.

Little hints were made in yesterday’s episode about the meaning of the symbol. In true Hot & Nerdy form, I’ve devised a flowchart as my attempt to explain the origin of said symbol. But mostly, this is me being a nerd.



Important lessons learned: The pinky toe gets no respect, and Claire is most likely a descendent of Takezo Kensei. Oh the revelations! But how do the Nakamuras play into the equation?

Let’s hope we find out more next week.


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