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Beauty and the Geek Axes Asian September 26, 2007

Filed under: Television — hotandnerdy @ 7:13 pm


Beauty and the Geek‘s new season has had its first elimination, and it was half H&N. The Nerdy half. His name is Tony. He’s a med student at Johns Hopkins, yo and of course there has to be some engineering in that mix. Two kinds of engineering — biomedical and chemical. Underachiever.

Tony was paired with Amanda, an aspiring Playboy model.

They got along well, from what I’ve gathered in my internet hunt. They were all sweet and he cried and stuff. But he didn’t know 50 cents from 50 Cent, and couldn’t name Vanilla Ice as the answer to a trivia question, and thus, was (un)ceremoniously dumped from the group. Bye, bye, Nerdy Tony. We shall miss thy sweetness, chyeah.



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