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Heroes: Four Months Later September 25, 2007

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By The Televocateur 

Four months later, our heroes find themselves in a bit of a pickle. The world may not be a radioactive mess thanks to Nathan flying his brother out into orbit, but an exploding man was just the tip of the iceberg.

*Spoiler alert! Spoilers ahead!*

New heroes this season! Who are Maya and Alejandro? These Spanish twins are desperate to get to America in order to find Mohinder… because Maya has a teensy problem with melting human organs into oozy black puddles. She must be really entertaining at parties. Alejandro’s powers are not revealed but he’s the only one who can keep his sister under control. Perhaps that is his power? 

Matt Parkman, who plays daddy to the pint-sized heroes GPS system, Molly, has made the move to NYC, and together with Mohinder, is raising Molly and trying to keep her out of harms way. It must suck to have Molly’s powers because she’s been having freakish nightmares about a seemingly all-knowing phantom that will hunt you down and kill you. Sort of ruins her “me and my new daddies” moments…

Meanwhile, in India, Mohinder is giving a lecture about a plague he’s discovered, which will wipe out individuals that have special powers. A mysterious stranger offers him a job to do additional research on this plague, and gives a schpeel about his company protecting the welfare of mankind. Very shady…

Mr. Bennett moves the family to California, and makes Claire promise to be as ordinary as possible. But y’all know that’s not going to happen. Bennett works at a copy shop, but…DUN DUN DUN…he has not given up his goal of bringing down his previous employer. He gets a phone call from the mole he’s planting in the company…. Mohinder!

This season is kicking off with some serious teasers about that symbol on the sword, and Jessica‘s mysterious tattoo. What does it mean? Hiro‘s dad, Kaito, and Angela Petrelli both receive death notices with the same symbol on their faces.

Kaito keeps referring to the sender as “THEM.” I feel like I’m watching Lost. We’ll start calling the new others, “The THEMS.” Kaito thinks this could be payback for some cosmic wrong doings that he, Angela, Linderman and Charles Devreux have committed in the past, but doesn’t care to elaborate. He tells his right hand man, Ando, to fetch him a sword so he can be ready to fight whoever sent that photo, but right before Ando returns with his weapon, the mysterious hooded evil pushes Kaito off the building!!!, presumably killing him.

Meanwhile, Hiro is in 17th-century feudal Japan when he chances upon his idol Takezo Kensei, who, as it turns out, is an Englishman dressed up in Japanese garb. Kensei is fighting as a mercenary — not for honor, but for money. Hiro is shocked to find out that Kensei is nothing like the man he idolized in his childhood stories and quickly realizes that unless Kensei whips into shape, the course of history will change as we know it.

And lastly, what exactly happened to Peter after Nathan flew him out of the city?

Everyone thinks he died, but in the four months since he exploded, we find Peter half naked, chained to the inside of a crate in Ireland, with no recollection of what happened to him. However, it does look like he got a haircut. When you’re busy exploding, take the time to look good!

We’ll find out more next week! Same time, same place.

The Televocateur, whose weekly Heroes recaps will be gracing these pages for the next season, blogs over at That Lightning Bolt Was Mine. When she’s not busy watching TV, she’s shaking her head at rock concerts. Many thanks!!


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