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Top Chef has Asians! September 13, 2007

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So apparently Top Chef Miami has Asians. Or, it had two contestants, and now there’s one left. His name’s Hung, and he’s supposed to be this season’s Marcel, except less obnoxious. He makes “American” “traditional” dishes a lot, so I’m told. His bio is nuts. Read that shit. He wants to be reincarnated as a spicy chili. WTF he stole my line!

Here are some photos of him from last night’s episode, “Snacks on a Plane.”





And here’s one of Padma acting random, which, in her case, is being normal. For her.

Here’s the bio for the other Asian, who’s no longer cooking: Sarah N.

Who’s watching out there? Do you like Hung? Is he going to win? *cricket*


One Response to “Top Chef has Asians!”

  1. hunter wry Says:

    top chef is only like, the greatest show ever!

    was sad to see sarah n. go though 😦

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