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Sang A Handbags September 13, 2007

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Sang A is a handbag designer whose collection has been all over the place lately. She used to be an entertainer in South Korea, and even then, she would design her costumes. She made a switch from her first career, enrolled at Parsons School of Design, and became an accessories designer.

Sang A’s artistic sense emanates naturally, interpreting her environment into fashion as a painter expresses on canvas. Her personal style effortlessly combines uptown sophistication and downtown edge with a dose of avant-garde, to create a look that is uniquely individual and never trendy.

I think it’s cool that she models her own line on her website. Nice! She claims she used to be “superskinny.” I’ve yet to do any digging on that. It’s also cool that her name is the first part of the word for double eyelid in Korean lol.


(Thanks to Mary, again!)


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