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DUH! September 12, 2007

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NY fashion runways lack black and Asian models

As spring collections are paraded on the catwalks at New York‘s Fashion Week, ethnic diversity is noticeably lacking among the models and some fashion industry insiders say discrimination is prevalent.

This week’s fashion shows, which are known for diversity among the clothing designs and the audience, come just weeks after famed black model Naomi Campbell accused fashion magazines of passing over black beauty in favor of fair-skinned models.

“It is unfortunate that a white girl with blond hair is still the ideal of beauty,” said fashion art director Frank de Jesus, who said he could not find an Asian model for Sabyasachi. “I wish there were more girls of color and Asian girls.”

People! Obvi! I guess someone always has to state the obvious. So…wonder if this’ll do anything to the ratio of blonde Eastern European to nons. Read the rest here.

(Reuters via Yahoo News! via Clutch)


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