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Masi Oka at the Emmy Roundtable September 11, 2007

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Yay, Masi! He sat down with Newsweek and a bunch of other Emmy nominees (Jeremy Piven, America Ferrara, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Sally Field), and he said that he’s a supergeek. Nothing makes me happier than a proud NERD.

Did any of you know that Masi, in addition to being a terrific actor, is also a visual-effects wizard?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus:
Wow, really?

Ferrera: I heard something about this.

He worked on “Star Wars” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Perfect Storm” for George Lucas’s company, Industrial Light & Magic. Do you still work for them?

Oka: I’m still on their payroll, but just for one day a week. It’s more like consulting now. “Heroes” is definitely my top thing.

Louis-Dreyfus: So you really are like a superhero!

Oka: Supergeek, maybe.

Piven: Do people come to you and go, “Look, man, you’ve gotta help me out with this situation with my computer”?

Oka: I do get that a lot, actually. Even on our show, they’ll ask me about some of the effects. Sometimes they go, “Hey, maybe you can do this for us for free.”

Check out the rest of the interview here…there isn’t much else from Masi. Actually, it’s just that tech geek ish and this last part about being Asian.

Masi, have you found that it’s hard to get roles as an Asian-American?

Oka: For me, being a minority has made it easier to break in, to be perfectly honest, because there are a lot of small parts that go to the minority of choice because of affirmative action or something. “Oh, we want to show diversity, so we’ll give this small part to him.” But the ceiling is very low, without a doubt.

Oh well, at least he’s in the damn thing!



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