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Maddox and Brad Enjoy a Yankees Game September 5, 2007

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Brad Pitt took Maddox, The Future, to the Yankees-Mariners game at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. How many passports has that kid gone through! Jeez, it’s like a whirlwind world tour all day, everyday. You think he had to go back to school yesterday? Whatever, they’re still beautiful.

OMG look at what I found on

Now, he says, when he looks at his four children, what he sees is the future. And when he looks at the future, what he sees are even more children.



I love how the people in the stands actually seem interested in taking Jeter’s photo and not Brad Pitt’s! What am I talking about? They probably ran out of pictures on their digis and had to delete some of BP in order to squeeze one of Jeter in there.


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