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Just Jared and Vanessa Hudgens August 27, 2007

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Super cute! JustJared, the super celeb blogger, covered the Teen Choice Awards and schmoozed with Zanessa! He’s Asian! Hot. Nerdy. Awesome!


2 Responses to “Just Jared and Vanessa Hudgens”

  1. Tyler Says:

    I love you vansa your hot and cute i was seeng
    high school muscle and seend that cute fase of
    yors i love bab asley makes me mad becase see
    is a brate on high school muscle 2 and i
    gone to get a new house but ilove you bab
    i gone to see kids bop but i live in WV and
    you live NY cittey but you hot im gona get
    me a musttng and drive you all nite long bab
    im want to marey you and i hrde you a genes
    Jimmy Newtron is to ilove you bab kiss me your so hot
    disney 365 rokes i love you and have grate sunday

  2. rae Says:

    meynnn’dat asian guy is HOTT. damn. haha watta cutie. freeeaking nessa gets a picture with him haha. cute tho.
    meynn’i want him aha

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