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More Asians on Lost August 20, 2007

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This guy is scary looking. No offense. He just looks like he would come after me in my sleep and cackle while he sprinkled nightmare juice on me.


Anyways, this mother is gonna be on Lost this season! His name is Ken Leung, and he’s pretty cool…as an actor.


But he’s friggin’ scary as shit! Am I right, or am I right?

(More posts later on, folks…H&N is a little swamped)


2 Responses to “More Asians on Lost”

  1. Ninci Says:

    he’s very good actor. i saw him a lot of movie!

  2. Thailanol Says:

    omg I thought he looked familiar! I saw him in “Year of the Fish” at the Asian American film festival last month…he looks freakish in these pics but he was actually kinda cute in the movie. promise!

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