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For the ladies August 13, 2007

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There’s a new book out for all you women out there who ever thought you could learn how to apply makeup from a book. I never really understood that, but here it is, Asian Faces, by makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian.

She was on the CBS Early Show this morning, doing her thing outside with Julie Chen. Trauma at the department store…don’t we all know about that!

She says, “I have put everything you will ever need to know about makeup into this book so that you can learn how to be your own makeup artist. Don’t get discouraged if it takes some practice — it’s just makeup, after all, and you can always wash it off and start again! Take your time, have fun with it, and remember that it is our diversity that makes us beautiful. I am very proud to be Asian, and it has been a lifelong dream of mine to have this opportunity to help all Asian women look and feel their absolute best.”

Aw, isn’t that cute? So put that double eyelid tape away and get your shadow out!

Thanks, MC/HW!


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