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Sandra Oh Pickets in Scrubs November 8, 2007

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Sandra Oh, Divorcee October 18, 2007

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Sniff. It’s official.

The divorce between Sandra Oh and Sideways writer-director Alexander Payne was finalized Thursday, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.


Which one’s the geek? October 16, 2007

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hn-sandra-oh.jpg did a gallery on Hollywood beauties who’ve paired up with geeks. Sandra Oh made it on their for her liaison with Andrew Featherston, some dude in some band, but as I ponder this photo, it isn’t very clear to me which is which.


Sandra Oh, Unsexy? October 13, 2007

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No one said she was pretty, but put together a list of the Five Unsexiest Women “Alive,” and Sandra Oh came in at #3. The reason?

Why She’s Unsexy: The only thing worse than a show about doctors is a show about sappy chick doctors we’re forced to watch or else our girlfriends won’t have sex with us. We’re holding Dr. McSkinny, with her cold bedside manner and boyish figure, personally responsible.

That’s just unfair. I thought those sex scenes that Christina had with Burke were plenty sexy. The fact that she’s stiff in her worklife only heightens the tension! And to knock on her boyish figure — psssh. I can name tons of thought-to-be-sexy stars with boyish figures!


Grey’s Halloween Episode Stills October 9, 2007

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These pictures so aren’t spoilery, but here they are, from Grey’s Anatomy‘s Halloween episode.



The Week in Pictures September 21, 2007

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A look at this week in H&N pictures.


Emmys = Lame September 17, 2007

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So…Sandra Oh, Masi Oka, and Mindy Kaling all lost in their respective categories last night. I didn’t see the show, but looks like Masi Oka showed up on stage with a laptop. Um.

Here are some shots of Sandra, Mindy, Padma, and Kimora (of course) at the Emmys last night.






Sandra Oh’s Pre-Emmy Party September 16, 2007

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Sandra Oh, looking less 72-year-old-y, threw a party for some other female Emmy nominees. It was at a really awesome-looking Hollywood house, where somehow they managed to suspend a chandelier from the sky. Sandra says she wants to start a new Emmy tradition — how trailblazer of her. has all the coverage, so check it out.






Straight Hair, Old Ladies September 14, 2007

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People‘s Best Dressed List is out. Lucy Liu got pinged for best hair. Sandra Oh, on the other hand, got slapped with being “age inappropriate.”



Sandra Oh and Rex Lee Hangin’ Out September 12, 2007

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Awwwwwwwwwww…are they like BFF in real life, too? ♥ ♥ ♥


Adorable. Friends are so adorable.


REX!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Gimme a hug!




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